This is the Postauto Matches Portal, currently in development - new features are added every day. This page shows the changes made for each release.
Alpha v0.11 Release Notes
  • revertet change to material design
  • brought the site design back in line with other potatoTV sites
Date: 20.04.2019
Alpha v0.10 Release Notes
  • updated to material design
  • scoreboard now features links to players steam profiles
Date: 12.04.2019
Alpha v0.08 Release Notes
  • optimizations for mobile
  • added button to open the scoreboard for every map
  • the scoreboard is sometimes not 100% correct due to errors in the demo files
Date: 10.04.2019
Alpha v0.07 Release Notes
Matches Page
  • added images of the best overall map and the best maps per season
  • removed the demo season
  • data table style adjustments
About Page
  • added hamburger menu
  • adjusted media query breakpoints
Date: 07.04.2019
Alpha v0.061 Release Notes
Matches Page
  • the statistics are now datatables, you are now able to sort the tables
  • bugfixes
Date: 06.04.2019
Alpha v0.06 Release Notes
Matches Page
  • added a link to the 99damage page for each season
  • the overview now shows map statistics about team Postauto
  • the new overview page is powered by the potatoTV Postauto Mapwin API
  • every season page now shows statistics about mapwins, like the overview page but just for the single season
  • added mapwin api, that is able to quickly return all pst wins in a season on a per map basis
Date: 05.04.2019
Alpha v0.05 Release Notes
Matches Page
  • added scores to be displayed for each match
  • scoreboard data table groundwork has been laid done
  • the scoreboard API is now able to correct wrong score data
  • increased performance of the matches API
  • the server was successfully repaired on Tuesday
Date: 02.04.2019
Initial release
Matches Page
  • is now able to display all opponents in the for each season
  • maps and map images are shown
  • Maps API - show all maps played in a season
  • Matches API - group maps by matches (by opponent)
  • Scoreboard API - detailed information about a specific match
  • added TSviewer widget
  • this is the initial release of the Postauto Webapp, the features are very limited
Date: 01.04.2019